Marketing as a Service

An Entire Marketing Department at the Flip of a Switch

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What we do

We work with start-ups that have a product, but not the team to reach its customers. With Marketing as a Service, TwoEars' becomes your entire marketing team so you can instantly start gaining customers. We'll support your business as you grow and build your team. All for less than the cost of a single marketing manager.


We help you identify your ideal customers and markets and create a go-to-market plan that will grow your user base.

Messaging and communications
Customer profiling
Competitive landscape research and analysis
Channel identification


We get to work implementing your strategy, running campaigns, managing budgets and clearly communicating progress.

Content planning and creation
Ad planning and campaign development
Campaign analysis and optimization


"The effort they put into understanding or unique challenges and position in the industry was a major advantage. I can truly say with TwoËars nothing was off the shelf"

Jonathan Craymer, Shayype


With TwoEars' support, create the right processes and procedures that will enable ongoing, sustained growth through efficient and streamlined operations.

Team workshops
Operational structure
Planning and process set-up


Rely on TwoEars' experience as you build your own team. When the time is right, we ensure a seamless transition to your in-house marketing department.

Role identification
Recruiting management
Team onboarding and ongoing "buddy" support