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Jonathan Craymer

Authentication technologies and solutions most widely adopted have proven the be inadequate in preventing fraud and data theft, with the total costs of cybercrime ranging in the billions of dollars per year. Most of these losses can be attributed to stolen or otherwise compromised passwords. Shayype Limited, a UK-based technology start-up, is addressing this vulnerability with its extra secure passwordless authentication technology.

"Virtually all current authentication systems depend on user secrets or objects which can be stolen, rendering them weak and vulnerable. With Shayype, we’ve created something where the user’s all-important “secret” is never exposed and, therefore, cannot be stolen."

Armed with this technology, Shayype engaged with several potential sales leads to build a valuable, knowledge-based relationship. However, the team struggled to gain traction in this sales process beyond the initial conversation.

"Despite several in-depth conversations with leads, we found these potential customers were not engaging with our message and the way we talked about Shayype’s benefits."

Simply put, Shayype needed a way to better define their relevant audience and develop their messaging to better articulate Shayype’s advantages and benefits.

Shayype engaged TwoEars to help them identify industries that would be most receptive to Shayype’s messaging and to develop buyer personas within those industries. TwoEars also worked with Shayype to create new messaging that is hyper-targeted and relevant to the new profiles. 

"The positioning process led by TwoEars was hugely beneficial for us as a business, allowing us to better focus our time and energy on the most relevant prospects and engaging them with more impactful messaging."

By taking the time to work closely with the Shayype team, TwoEars was able to leverage their industry and technical expertise to build a fully customized and totally unique solution to their problem. 

"The effort they put into understanding our unique challenges and position in the industry was a major advantage. I can truly say with TwoEars nothing was “off the shelf”. "

In the end, Shayype is now able to work more efficiently by targeting the prospects most likely to engage with their technology instead of wasting time on less relevant profiles.

Featured project
TwoËars impact
"With better positioning and messaging, we are able to more efficiently target more relevant prospects. As a result, we are able to have better conversations with our leads."
Relevant Buyer Personas
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