Revenue Operations Commissions Analyst


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Company Profile

Four friends - Rajaram, Thiyagu, KPS, and Krish - started Chargebee in a room in Rajaram's apartment in Chennai, India in June 2011. The goal was to build a company together.

They took a while, but finally found their calling in subscription management. By January 2013, the first customers had started using the Chargebee billing platform.

We received investment from Accel in January 2014. Tiger backed us in March 2015. 2017 was a year of incredible growth for Chargebee - we crossed 5000 customers in June. In March 2018, Insight Partners invested in us. Now we have over 7000+ customers across 50+ countries around the globe.


  • Key to success is effectively designing, communicating, implementing, and administering variable compensation plans across the company that accurately incentivize, measure, and reward performance
  • Given the importance of this task, we are expanding the team that drives these initiatives to build a best-in-class variable compensation program, and as the RevOps Commissions Analyst, you will be a key member of that team
  • You will work cross-functionally to administer variable compensation plan across the revenue organization which includes monthly earnings calculations, communications, and analytics
  • Beyond the day-to-day, you will also participate in plan design and documentation, playing a key role in crafting the "user experience" for all plan participants


  • Own the monthly commission payroll, annual commission planning, and compensation plans
  • Partner with Finance, HR, and Revenue leadership to continue to develop and fine tune commission plans by providing strategic financial insights and recommendations
  • Maintain an in-depth understanding of all commission plans across the Revenue Organization and be able to effectively communicate calculations and rationale
  • Calculate and validate monthly variable earnings accurately and on time according to current compensation plans
  • Evaluate, onboard and maintain commission tool
  • Maintain commission tool and reference data, including employee and commission plan information to accurately pay variable commission; regularly update relevant systems consistent with plan objectives
  • Communicate effectively with plan participants when they have questions, and regularly train plan participants on the structure of their plans


  • You’re interested in how subscription businesses can get more efficient.
  • You’re hungry to give and receive feedback, fully understanding that challenging perspectives are the only way that you can grow.
  • You can bring empathy to problem solving.
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel skills, including the use of macros and experience working with large data sets    
  • Ability to be a self-starter, work independently, and the initiative to handle increasing responsibility over time


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