Digital Marketing Services

An entire marketing department for your startup or small business at the flip of a switch

What we do

We work with startups and small businesses that are good at what they do but don’t have the team to reach their customers online. Our digital marketing services turn TwoËars into your instant marketing team so you can start quickly gaining customers. We’ll support your business as you grow for less than the cost of a single marketing manager.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Identify your ideal customers and create a plan that will grow your audience.

Customer identification and buyer personas
Strategic Messaging
Competitive landscape research and analysis
Identify the right channels

Marketing Campaigns

We turn your strategy into action by implementing campaigns, managing budgets and clearly communicating progress.

Website building and search engine optimsation
Copywriting, blogging and content marketing
Paid Google and Facebook advertising
Campaign analysis and reporting


With TwoЁars’ support, create the right processes and procedures to enable ongoing, sustained growth.

Team workshops
Operational structure and org charts
Planning and process set-up

Continuing Support

Rely on TwoЁars’ experience as you build your own marketing team. When the time is right, we ensure a seamless transition to your in-house marketing department.

Identify roles and responsibilities to fill
Recruiting and recruiter management
Ongoing "buddy" check-ins and support

Accelerate your business's growth.

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